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Importers are the cornerstone of DocIntel’s automated scraping capability. It’s how you can keep your hands off the keyboard, and let DocIntel do all the work for you.

Importers allow you to automate the submission of URLs to the scrapers. Importers are configurable to your specific needs, so you can tailor them to your workflow and make them work with whatever systems you already have in place.

For example, they allow you to automatically import data from RSS feeds and send the URLs to scrape to the Readability scraper.

How to collect RSS feeds?

To collect information from RSS feeds, you first need to configure a scraper that will scrape the webpages for you. Then, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Administration, then Importers in the left menu
  2. Click on Install
  3. Select RSS Source Importer for the Importer field
  4. Enable it, define a collection delay (that is how often the importer checks the feeds). You can also customize the rest, but so far, we don’t recommend additional customization for this importer.
  5. Click Save

DocIntel is now configured to automatically check RSS feeds. But we have not configured any feed at the moment, so nothing will be imported.

To import a feed, you need to attach it to a source. So, create a new source (Sources, then Add Source on the left menu) or go to an existing one. Then,

Click on Edit, then at the bottom, you have a panel titled “Syndication”. In the panel you can configure the URL to the RSS feed and indicates that you want DocIntel to scrape it automatically.

The field RSS keywords can be used to only scrape RSS items that contains one of the space separated word.

Save the source, and now, DocIntel will automatically check the RSS feed. It will submit the URLs to the scrapers, than will collect the information for you, submit it to the analyzer for the pre-processing step and then you to register.