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DocIntel Documentation

This website provides the official documentation for DocIntel written by developers, users, and volunteers. It explains all current software functionality that DocIntel supports.

To make the large amount of information about DocIntel manageable, we have organized this site into several parts. Each part is aimed at a different group of users or those in different stages with their DocIntel experience.

  • The preface provides a beginner’s guide for those that are new to DocIntel. It explains what is DocIntel, why it might be relevant for your organization, and how to get started.

  • The Administration Guide go over how to install and administrate the server. If you are running a DocIntel instance for yourself or others, it is imperative that you read this section.

  • The User Guide explains how to use the DocIntel software. All users of DocIntel should read it.

Good documentation takes more time to write than an article or blog post. There will be sections of the documentation that are not yet completed, but please open issues on our GitHub so we can know what needs to be worked on first.